Open 360 Digital Inclusion Hubs


We are committed to being a member of the Online Centres Network

  • We offer free & low cost internet access along with the help and support residents need to use it
  • We are able to provide a friendly welcome in our Digital Hubs, guidance on how to access public services online and advice on what to do next
  • We support at least 3 people each month to get online

Latest News
How has Digital Inclusion enabled Carol to achieve her three-year ambition

Halton Lea Library Event - Palacefields Histories Exhibition (11th October 2022)

Carol Artist

Carol a beneficiary, artist and local history enthusiast displaying her research in an exhibition about the history of Palacefields, which culminated in three years of hard work featuring Sir John Chesshyre, son of Thomas Chesshyre of Hallwood, and now she has harnessed her newfound digital skills to her enormous artist talent

Hallwood Park & Palacefields Digital Inclusion Hub Project
Collaboration with Riverside Group Based at Asda Store, Runcorn (2nd Aug 2022 – Current)

We are establishing a one-stop ‘digital inclusion hub’ aimed at ensuring the communities of Hallwood Park and Palacefields, especially the most disadvantaged and hardest-to-reach, can easily access and effectively use the modern technology necessary to participate in our expanding digital society. As the internet becomes increasingly embedded in the lives of individuals/communities, it is vital to ensure universal access. The Digital Hub will guide people of all generations in the practical everyday use of common digital devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones) Project learning sessions will include, Computer & Online basics, Practical Applications and Introduction to Office Programs .

Open 360 Digital Inclusion Pilot Project No. 8
Based at Halton Haven, Runcorn (29th Sept 2022 – Current)

Open 360 continues its digital inclusion engagement and interventions in the community, combating the demonstrable link to, and impact on, many social barriers such as isolation, loneliness, mental health, debt, food poverty and employability. As we look to equip socially isolated and digitally marginalised people with basic digital skills including:
  • Improved self-confidence.
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Establishing a routine
  • Motivation and practical understanding of how to use these skills

Open 360 Digital Inclusion Pilot Project No. 7
Based at Halton Haven, Runcorn (29th Aug 2022 – 22nd Sept 2022)

Beneficiaries include NEETS 18years plus, older adults over-55 with little or no digital awareness, women, unemployed adults and single parents lacking access to digital devices/networks; economically inactive people with health problems, people experiencing loneliness/social isolation exacerbated by their lack of digital skills/connectivity, asylum seekers/refugees who feel socially isolated through language/IT barriers.

We are supporting residents in applying newly developed digital skills to assist in job-searches, CV-and-application writing, online interviews, navigating Universal Credits.

Beneficiaries will cover:

  • Assisted to learn the basics (from keyboard, mouse to the desktop).
  • Connect with friends and family online by e-mail, Zoom platform or Microsoft Teams
  • Safety and online security
  • Comfortable with online shopping, banking and telephone banking
  • Navigating NHS app, accessing GP services, patients access, medication requests & repeat prescriptions
  • Communicating with Halton Borough Council and other public services

Open 360 have in May 2022 collaborated with McDonalds restaurant in Runcorn for our Digital Hub Spring project
McDonalds restaurant in Runcorn will provide meals for our participants at the end of sessions, as food poverty and digital exclusion are two significant socio-economic barriers for many disadvantaged people.

McDonalds restaurant in Runcorn are to assist Open 360 in our quest to upskill those digitally excluded in our community.

Open 360 – Digital Hub Pilot Project ASDA Runcorn starting April 2022
We continue our digital inclusion Community Engagement, combating data poverty, loneliness, and social isolation, navigating Universal Credit online and bridging the gap for all those excluded from the digital world.

This project starts in April 2022 and we are pleased to announce the introduction of Digital Focus into Halton's " Histories of Widnes & Runcorn Towns"

Open 360 successful application to the National Databank
We will be provided with an agreed monthly amount of O2 and Vodafone data to gift to residents that we support who are experiencing data poverty.

The UK National Databank brings free mobile internet data connectivity to people who can't afford it and who are often also experiencing multiple inequalities in today's society.

The Databank provides free sims and mobile data (as well as talk minutes and texts) to people in need via Good Things Foundation’s network of local community partners – The Online Centres Network. Launch date – March 2022

Open 360 – Good News - Jeff's story
Success Story – Read about Jeff from Runcorn, who has attended our Digital Hubs pilot projects in 2020, 2021 and 2022

“I started this programme to refresh my I.T. skills and learn new applications that I will need for the future. It has become clear that a working knowledge of Zoom would be advantageous for interviews, especially during the pandemic.

I also desired the company of others as I have suffered social anxiety and health problems due to social distancing measures. I have learned how to operate, set up an account and the correct etiquette for Zoom meetings. I have had to learn how to be around people again and found that the mindfulness course I did previously with Open 360 helped control my nerves / panic attacks.

I can safely say that though I am not an expert I won’t have any problems with interviewing for a job over the Zoom platform. I would like to say that meeting new people and overcoming my doubts and fears in a safe and friendly social situation utilising mindfulness and breathing techniques furnished by open 360 was the most enjoyable”


Specifically For Older People, we offer the following:

Technology For The Terrified:- We show you how to use Mobile Phones, Laptops, Kindles & E-readers.

You will learn new and update your skills to access medical or health and public services online.

We will support you to have:

Ability to access information – By using a search engine to look for information, downloading and saving something discovered online. Ability to communicate when you want – By creating messages through messaging services and writing emails. .

Have confidence to purchase items or services online, such as banking and navigating applications Know that information that you access is correct and be able to problem solve using a digital service. .

Have confidence to complete online application forms, or creating something new from existing images, video or content.


For Everyone Else

Why not join our group. We are here to help you. Join in with other residents in the same position as you.

Computer Basics

  • Using a keyboard - The keyboard layout, entering text & typing letters
  • Using a Mouse - Mouse Basics, use the mouse, the click factor & using the mouse scrolling
  • Using a Touchscreen - Basic Controls, more advanced controls & doing more with your touchscreen
  • Using a computer - Parts of a computer or laptop, changing settings on a computer, using programs, managing files, solving problems & computer safety

Online Basics

  • Using the internet - About the internet, getting around online, playing by the rules, using online forms, what is an online form, filling in your details, multiple choices, how to correct a mistake.
  • Using email - What is e-mail, creating an e-mail account, sending an e-mail, receiving and replying to an e-mail, e-mail safety and security
  • Using search engines - Benefits of using search engines, using web addresses and bookmarks, searching websites, saving images and files from the internet
  • What is Zoom - Zoom’s key features, how to get started with Zoom (For Desktop and Mobile)
  • How to schedule meetings
  • Socialising online – social media
  • Online shopping - Introduction to shopping online, starting to shop online, paying and delivery & consumer rights when shopping online
  • Online banking
  • GP actions and prescriptions online
  • Watching TV & videos online
  • Listen to the radio online


Are you unemployed or looking to return to work? Do you need to get Work Ready?

If you are unemployed and looking for work, we have developed activities to help train you ready for getting a job.

Employability Module – welfare reform guidance, good CV design, use of social media (LinkedIn & Facebook platforms) to gain employment, (creating effective profiles/accounts), identifying/evaluating suitable job sources and effective skills-matching, interview preparation and good practice/role-playing, peer-feedback (evaluating/improving performance/techniques), personal strengths/weaknesses in readiness for work placement/employment, work-skills training around teamwork, time-keeping and communication skills using task-and-complete and problem-solving – all part of ‘job-journey’ planning into work.

Job Brokering, identifying skills/experience to match vacancies, creating online profiles to receive job notifications, publicising CVs (employers/recruiters); 1-2-1 bespoke support/job specs/interview preparation; free access to mobile-phone in every session (contact employers/recruiters); selected local employers/recruiters offering role-based opportunities (Cleaning, Retail, Warehousing, Care Work) invited to Job Brokering Activities, all participants got an interview-guarantee.


New Start Businesses or looking to start your own business?

Perhaps you are unemployed, recently made redundant or facing redundancy? Do you have a great business idea? We can help you with the following: business planning, marketing, sales, book keeping, IT and computing. We can provide 1:1 support and business advice provided by our dedicated and experienced team.

Business Skills Training for existing businesses

We can help improve your performance and overcome the challenges of the current economy. We provide training in Retail Skills, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Time Management, Negotiation Skills and Building Great Relationships

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